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Callaway Group Collection $995,000

This collection of all six Callaway Corvettes is the only collection of each year made from 1986 to 1991 in the world. The collection (A to F) is offed for sale as a group.

Callaway – GM special code w/B2K can be seen on a sticker located in each vehicle’s glove box.

A. 1986 Callaway Malcom Conner

(one and only in the world) 4+3 standard transmission with the special Malcom Conner edition two-tone paint and silver interior still in the shipping plastic.

Odometer Reading: 11,101 original miles.

B. 1987 Callaway Convertible,

(1 of only 167 built) 4+3 standard transmission Red/Black top, Graphite interior.

Odometer Reading: 4,959 original miles.

C. 1988 Callaway Convertible

(1 of only 105 built) 4+3 standard transmission, Dark metallic red with saddle interior.

Odometer Reading: 7,938 original miles.

D. 1989 Callaway Coupe

(1 of only 51 built) 6 speed transmission, Black with red interior.

Odometer Reading: 8,443 original miles.

E. 1990 Callaway Coupe

(1 of only 59 built) 6 speed transmission, Callaway Aero Body, Red with Saddle interior.

Odometer reading: 9,848 original miles.

F. 1991 Callaway Convertible

(1 of only 63 built) 6 speed transmission. Callaway Aero body,  Black with Black top and black interior.

Odometer reading: 3,789 original miles.